by Bianca Park

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leaving the past behind.


I took all of the pictures off my wall so I wouldn't have to see them at all. They're in my basement sitting with old antiques; another moment turned into memory. I cleaned out my drawer of notes I got to try and clear my head of those haunting thoughts. You turned my darkest nightmares on repeat and now I watch them nightly in my sleep.

Be honest with me; have you ever felt this empty? Because I feel the vultures picking at my stomach every night. Be honest with me; did you ever once feel guilty? Because I've played the moments in my head far too many times.

I've been locked up in my room for 20 weeks and I'm calling out for answers, but no one hears me speak. I've been searching for some warmth to call my own, but I can't afford to feel it cause my heart is broke.

I'm stuck in the familiar; it's the crutch I'm leaning on.

I'm stuck in the familiar; it's the crutch I'm leaning on. I gotta rid my mind of habit, I'll pack my bags and then be gone. Though the wind is biting bitter, now I'm headed out the door. They say home is where the heart is, but no one lives here anymore.


released August 9, 2015



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Bianca Park Toronto, Ontario

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