Winter Warmth

by Bianca Park

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A collection of songs detailing the dichotomies of love and loss and of comfort and progress, set in the midst of a bitter winter.


released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Bianca Park Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: White Spots
I have walked in these shoes before, but they don't feel right today. Every step that I take makes my callouses ache as I'm stumbling forward.

I have been round this block before, but I can't find my way around. All the roads look the same, but the signs seem to change as I'm walking in circles.

I stare at the sun every morning, burning white spots in my eyes. I should know better by now 'cause it hurts but I can't look away.

I have lived in this city for most of my life. I know every sidewalk, every broken streetlight. Though I follow the light, I just always end up in the dark.
Track Name: Winter Warmth
I'll keep you close in the winter. We'll watch the skyline fade into grey. I feel the ice getting thinner. We'll get to safety before it breaks.

Am I dreaming? I've been dreaming of winter warmth.
Am I dreaming? I've been dreaming of quiet fires kindling us both.

Take my word that we'll make it to Christmas and maybe even New Year's Day. I'll make sure that you still feel your fingers and toes and maybe we'll be okay.
Track Name: Dark Blue
Where did I go wrong? Was it the way I gave my heart to you and let you turn my blood dark blue?
What took you so long? Was it your promise that you made to me? I guess that's one you couldn't keep.

The rose that you gave me is wilted and weathered. I was wrong to think that it would live forever.

Pulling my roots out whole – you left me without solid ground, with no direction, lost and never found. I opened my eyes today. But I wasted all my time away. I thought that I would be okay by now, but I guess I was wrong.

You put a crack in my window, sudden and sharp. Like the way that it went. In a week, I saw everything crumble. The castle we built, turned to rubble.

I needed your warmth, but I got your cold shoulder when I was your knight with no shining armour.
Track Name: Picturesque
Pray tell, what's on your mind? What could be so damn important?

A touch of white upon the mountains; a bit of earth beneath the trees. Watch the snow fall in December, it covers up the autumn leaves.

Pray tell, what's on your mind? What could be so damn important? Your eyes are wandering, you're losing interest.
You've said "it's the last time". Take a breath and you'll forget it, just look in front of you, it's all picturesque.

Take a trip down south. Watch the ocean waves as they roll over each other. They're all just searching for the shore. We're all just sailors braving troubled water, searching for the shore.

You've always been one to think too much. You've always been one to worry. You've always been one to think too much. Can't move too slow and can't hurry.